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In March 1997, Professor LEE launched Chi Hua Fitness Co., Ltd. For these years, we have been undertaking kinds of challenges and is still moving steadily forward to the goal of being the top performing, reliable and leading manufacturer of fitness key parts all over the world.

Mission – Our quality policy is to achieve high quality, service, efficiency and innovation and we are always doing more to obtain international quality certifications to meet customer’s needs

We are also devoted to improve product quality and customer support service. The results of our achievements will be shared with our customers, vendors, employees and shareholders, as well as those who have contributed to become who we are today. We should give our utmost appreciation to those who have been a part of Chi Hua’s growth, and send our warmest welcome to our future partners.

High Quality

High Quality


1997 - Chi Hua Fitness Co., Ltd founded and focused on the key parts of the Fitness equipments.

1998 - Began supplying AC Generator Brake.

1999 - Hybrid Generator Brake patent was certified in Germany.
   - Began supplying LCB for treadmill.

2000 - Hybrid Generator Brake patent was certified in USA.
   - Began supplying brakes to Precor USA (top brand of fitness equipment manufacturer)
   - Founded Yih Hua Fitness Co., Ltd (Shanghai).

2001 - Direct Driving Apparatus (for treadmill) patent was certified in USA, Germany, Taiwan and China.


2002 - Began supplying Hybrid Generator Brake.

   - Began supplying Flywheel Magneto parts.

2003 - Began supplying Armature Ass’y of brushless Motor.
   - A winding factory was acquired by CHI HUA.

2004 - Began supplying outer Rotor Brush DC Motor.
   - Rare-Earth Magnet and Framework of Special Magnetic Field patent was certified

2005 - Began supplying DC Brush Motor (3HP).

2006 - Developed special high power ECB.

2007 - Merged Fitness-Tek Corp and invested Vista Shanghai Pu-Ton Factory.

2008 - ISO 9001/2000 certified.

2009 - Loading Device of Leg Extension Machine patent was certified in Germany, USA and Taiwan.
   - Invested in APC Technology participating in the development of Tetra system and LED-lamp.

2010 - Promoted ISO/TS 16949 quality system.
   - Started mass production in Vietnam factory.
   - Invested Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd(PMHC). co-operating with the research of rehabilitation equipment.
   - Cooperated new type of braking system with Senoh Japan in Medical Rehabilitation.
   - Purchased new site at Hukou

2011 - Designed the fitness and medical equipments together with clients using special motor / generator system.
   - Moved to new factory at HuKou.

2012 - IPO (Initial Public Offerings) approved listing in Taiwan Stock Market.
   - Won the 15th Rising Star Award.

2013 - Supplys total solution of control unit (very low inertia brake +controller +console) to PMHC to assemble the medical rehabilitation equipments.
   - PMHC starts to produce the equipment assembly and ships to the reputed customers [ex. Senoh (Japan), Tunturi (The Netherlands)
   - PMHC cooperates with VGH (Veterans General Hospital) and provides VGH with integrated medical rehabilitation equipments to implement clinical research.