Low Cost Generator - FB3 Series

Feature/ Functions

3-phase and Multi-phase type
Self-powered (City power is not required)
Torque depends on the input Current
High torque at low RPM
Simple structure and design
Flywheel OD: 177.3Ø, 197Ø, 215.4Ø, 220Ø, 230Ø, 242Ø, 242.7ØR, 250Ø, 270Ø


  Low Cost Generator
Diamension Flywheel Ø265*40W
Axis Ø15*130L
Inertia of Flywheel 0.055 kg-m² (4.6Kgs)
Feature Torque 250 Watt (52.7 kg-cm at 480 rpm)
Pancake designed generator can offer higher torque at low rpm
Precise constant torque or rating control
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