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服務項目包含運動器材上所用之磁控組及發電機、電子儀錶、控制板、馬達、馬達控制器、手握心跳、無線心跳、各類線組及其他相關之運動器材產品、Switching- Type電池、充電器等。


High Quality

High Quality


1997 - Chi Hua Fitness Co., Ltd founded and focused on the key parts of the Fitness equipments.

1998 - Began supplying AC Generator Brake.

1999 - Hybrid Generator Brake patent was certified in Germany.
   - Began supplying LCB for treadmill.

2000 - Hybrid Generator Brake patent was certified in USA.
   - Began supplying brakes to Precor USA (top brand of fitness equipment manufacturer)
   - Founded Yih Hua Fitness Co., Ltd (Shanghai).

2001 - Direct Driving Apparatus (for treadmill) patent was certified in USA, Germany, Taiwan and China.


2002 - Began supplying Hybrid Generator Brake.

   - Began supplying Flywheel Magneto parts.

2003 - Began supplying Armature Ass’y of brushless Motor.
   - A winding factory was acquired by CHI HUA.

2004 - Began supplying outer Rotor Brush DC Motor.
   - Rare-Earth Magnet and Framework of Special Magnetic Field patent was certified

2005 - Began supplying DC Brush Motor (3HP).

2006 - Developed special high power ECB.

2007 - Merged Fitness-Tek Corp and invested Vista Shanghai Pu-Ton Factory.

2008 - ISO 9001/2000 certified.

2009 - Loading Device of Leg Extension Machine patent was certified in Germany, USA and Taiwan.
   - Invested in APC Technology participating in the development of Tetra system and LED-lamp.

2010 - Promoted ISO/TS 16949 quality system.
   - Started mass production in Vietnam factory.
   - Invested Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd(PMHC). co-operating with the research of rehabilitation equipment.
   - Cooperated new type of braking system with Senoh Japan in Medical Rehabilitation.
   - Purchased new site at Hukou

2011 - Designed the fitness and medical equipments together with clients using special motor / generator system.
   - Moved to new factory at HuKou.

2012 - IPO (Initial Public Offerings) approved listing in Taiwan Stock Market.
   - Won the 15th Rising Star Award.

2013 - Supplys total solution of control unit (very low inertia brake +controller +console) to PMHC to assemble the medical rehabilitation equipments.
   - PMHC starts to produce the equipment assembly and ships to the reputed customers [ex. Senoh (Japan), Tunturi (The Netherlands)
   - PMHC cooperates with VGH (Veterans General Hospital) and provides VGH with integrated medical rehabilitation equipments to implement clinical research.